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Welcome to the BMX Wiki! This wiki is a collaborative effort all about BMX, it's history, tricks (and how to do them), BMX racing, current and past international stars of the sport, and more!

To-do list

Write articles on tricks
Make articles for every trick (even ones you made up) in the fashion of the articles barhop and tailwhip. Don't forget to add [[Category:Tricks]] or {{trick-stub}} to any that you add. Also, put a YouTube video on the article if there's one available.
Write articles on companies
If you know of a company that manufactures/makes/has something to do with BMX bikes/sponsors/etc., please make an article about them. Don't forget to add [[Category:Companies]] to them.
Write articles on events
We need articles on every major (and minor) BMX/BMC event, venue, host, etc. Don't forget to add [[Category:Events]] to them.
Write articles on high-profile riders
Write articles on current high-profile/international riders, and list (especially) their medals using this template. Add [[Category:International Riders]] to them.

Helping out

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  • Or head on over to the forums and coordinate with the community on editing, projects, and more.

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